Learn a few facts about me ...

 Spirituality is an important part of my life.  I love meditating. I’ve always been a reflective type and I’ve been wondering about human motives, questions like “Who am I?” , “What is my purpose in life ?” 

Fall is my favorite season

I love colorful leaves, fragrant candles, warm sweaters and thick socks. I am a bookoholic, audiobooks and podcasts are my go to as well.

Just like I say, I need my daily dose of inspiration. I am also passionate about a healthy lifestyle and I love green smoothies.


Until a few years ago, my life was completely different ...

I was confused and struggled with what I was supposed to do with my life. I wanted to do “something for the world”, but I had no idea what it was supposed to look like or how to go about it. I also knew that something was missing in my life. I struggled with self-acceptance and self-love. As a child and teenager I lived with many insecurities, I was shy, hiding all my thoughts and  ideas inside of me. I believed that I was not good enough. Too quiet, too sensitive, too much in my dreamland.

I lived with my fears never pursuing my dreams.

 The book “The Law of Attraction” started my personal development journey.  

 I realized that it was  I have the power to create my life and I am 100% responsible for it. 

One of the most beautiful roles in my life- being a mom

Materninty changed me so much. My heart was filled with love. I felt unconditional love.

Soul searching journey


I worked part-time as an administrative assistantand everything seemed ok, but deeply in my heart I felt that something was still missing, that my soul was still searching. I guess that my purpose was knocking to my doors. I found my mentors. I did course after course. I spent my free time reading books and listening podcast. I wanted to know what exactly makes people fulfilled? Why do some people struggle while others find a way to thrive? I wanted to find the answer how to find this harmony in life.

And that’s how I found spiritual coaching. My job is my passion. I believe this is what I should be doing. This is my mission. I want to help others live in harmony with their soul. It is my happiness and honor to be able to witness the discovery of the inner light of others. I want to help you become whole.

I am obsessed with spirituality and personal development. I am constantly looking for solutions and tools for working on myself. I am still learning new things and every day broadening my own ideas of what it means to live a fully meaningful life. I think I will be an eternal student forever.

However, I can say with a clear conscience that I am happy.

I wish the same to you


What is my vision?

Each person is energy and has creative power. The most powerful forces in the world is LOVE. Each of us is an amazing being and each has a soul that wants to express itself. When you are in sync with it, you will go through life with ease. You can create a life that is fully aligned with you.  You have to be brave enoght and let your heart and intuition guide you. Life is a journey into yourself, discovering, growing, making mistakes, healing and learning to love. We should love ourselves. 

Once you learn to take 100% responsibility and control over your life, you will never feel powerless.  Each of us has our own innate inner compass to fully experience the happiness and fulfillment you deserve.

It is our responsibility to live your life authentically. To be full expression of  yourself. To own yourself. This is your contribution to a better world.

Katarzyna Paw